The Library

These are the books and shorter writings that have stuck with me and shaped my worldview. See more books on my Goodreads.


The Bed of Procrustes
Bronze Age Mindset
The Captive Mind
The Creative Act
Finite and Infinite Games
Gödel, Escher, Bach
The Machiavellians
Notes from Underground
The Prince / Discourses on Livy
The Road to Reality
Visual Complex Analysis
Zero to One

Essays & Articles

Analogy as the Core of Cognition

Conflict vs Mistake

The Cook and the Chef

Digital Sentience Requires Solving the Boundary Problem

The Education of a Libertarian


Explorable Explanations

A Founder's Farewell

Healing Trauma With Neural Annealing

How can we develop transformative tools for thought?

How to Do What You Love

The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences

I should have loved biology

Is anything inherently difficult?

Kill Math

Magic Paper

A Mathematician’s Lament

Meditations on Moloch

On Christopher Alexander

The Power of the Powerless

The Pseudo-Time Arrow

Staring into the Singularity

The Straussian Moment

Succeeding in Science: Some Rules of Thumb

The Symmetry Theory of Valence

There’s more to mathematics than rigour and proofs

Thought as a Technology

UR's Crash Course in Sound Economics

Scientific Papers

How Do Committies Invent?

A Mathematical Theory of Communication


Curtis Yarvin: An Interview

The Dubrovnik Interviews: Marc Andreessen

Playboy Interview: Bob Dylan (1966)

Playboy Interview: Bob Dylan (1978)

The Utopian UI Architect

Short Stories

Good Old Neon

How to Tell a True War Story

Молодняк / The Youth


23 December, 2019

Are You There?

August 1968

Che Fece ... Il Gran Rifiuto

Chomei At Toyama

The Divorce

Epitaph on a Tyrant

The Genius of the Crowd


On The Fly-Leaf Of Pound's Cantos


September 1, 1939

The Shield of Achilles

The Snake Became a Serpent

Steve McQueen


Time of Disturbance